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The Single Management System

This is a peer network community for risk-managed organizations either related to Sarbanes Oxley, Food Safety Modernization Act, or ISO Management System Standards process operations. Supports organizations as they transition from silo management to risk-based management as a single management system. The program consists of implementation, documentation and operational updates, training, and auditor training courses.

Companies can be grouped and be moderated by companies within their respective sectors.

The Single Management System is offered through a Franchising model to qualified companies to utilize our Single Management System package.

The Franchisee is required to have skin in the game. On sign up the capability of the Franchisee will be assessed, an NDA is signed prior to receipt of the contract and our business plan.

Administers territory –Number of Franchisee Limited by state / country

Qualifies and coordinates SMS skill base of consultants and internal auditors

Can check availability of qualified consultants and auditors, who are qualified by passing our online training program

Assesses organization’s status and documentation prior to engagement

Markets to, and manages organizations implementation, document conversion / updates, staff training and prepares auditors to conduct audit.

Engages the organization to adopt a risk based culture

Interfaces with state or federal funding agencies such as ETP (California) or MEP (Federal)

Success of the team is measured by achieving 85-100% effectiveness of the controls by completing the full criteria as the audit scope

Ensures customer completes online customer satisfaction survey.

Interested companies can sign up as State and Federal training funds are limited and will be awarded on a first come first serve basis. Signs up so that the Franchisees can make a case of how many companies are interested in the program.

Consultants should register as a potential resource for Franchisees